Burmese Community Volunteer
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Burma, a country bordered by China, Laos, Thailand, Bangladesh, India and the Bay of Bengal, has long been an object of concern for the international community and human rights organisations due to its military regime.

Twin Work & Volunteer works closely with a volunteering project that was set up to give the Burmese population in Thailand an opportunity to improve their lives .

  • Burmese migrants (both children and adults) face very difficult situations in Thailand due to the fact that they do not have legal citizenship in Thailand nor are they recognised as bona fide citizens of Burma.
  • Simple things such as owning a mobile phone or driving a car are forbidden for Burmese migrants. Moreover, they are even subject to controlling martial laws such as an 8pm curfew.

  • Most Burmese children are unable to attend school in the Thai education system, and they're expected to earn a living in rubber plantations or fisheries.
  • How can volunteers help the Burmese people?

    This project has become particularly popular with volunteers because it gives them the freedom to teach whatever skills they think may be beneficial to the Burmese migrants .

    Whether it be computer training, English language classes, self-development (such as female empowerment), or simply caring for the children in the community - there are no restrictions as to what volunteers can do to help the Burmese community .

    Volunteers will work in centres & schools that have been set up to break the vicious cycle of poverty that affects the disadvantaged and disenfranchised Burmese children and adults.

    Your daily tasks will ultimately entail working to improve the lives and possibilities of Burmese citizens. Your work can include :

  • Organising workshops aimed at empowering young girls and older females .
  • Working indirectly with the Burmese community : For instance if volunteers have a background in marketing , they can work to publicise the plight of the community, or organise social events .
  • Teaching English : Knowing English is a vital asset for Burmese migrants looking to venture out into the working world.
  • Volunteers can choose to dedicate some of their volunteering time to teaching English to children and their parents.

  • Helping Burmese adults and adolescents learn new skills - computing, personal hygiene, sewing, and so forth.
  • This volunteer opportunity will allow you to have an enriching experience immersing yourself in both Thai and Burmese cultures .

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